Floor sealant

Elastic material for gap sealing and plastering.

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Field of application: for laminate and wood floors, parquet gap sealing and plastering as well as gaps between the skirting and the wall, between the wall and door surrounds, wall plates sealing and plastering indoors.

Properties: sticks and hardens on a variety of wooden and mineral surfaces. Before hardened sealant is easily washed off with water. Hardened – elastic, easily painted. Do not change properties from -25 to +80°C.

Surface preparation: the surface to be primed must be clean, firm and dry. Remove all adhesion – reducing materials – oil, grease, dust adhesives, mortar, old peeling paint, chalky surface. Before applying the filler, cover the prepared surfaces with the primer “PRO SKVARBUSIS, SUTVIRTINANTIS” and cover weak and porous surfaces with the primer PRO UNIGRUNT”.

Working conditions: the base and ambient temperature during work and drying should not be lower than +5°C; the optimum priming conditions are +20°C and 65% RH. The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 10%.

Use: mix the filler well before use. Apply the filler manually (with a spatula) or mechanically in a 5 mm layer and level it. A second layer can be applied only after the first layer of filler has completely dried. If the primed surface has been polished, cover it with the primer “PRO SKVARBUSIS, SUTVIRTINANTIS” between the layers. Surface could be applied with paint, lacquer, it could be sanded, cutted. Prior to painting, if the primed surface has been polished, cover it with the primer “PRO UNIGRUNT”.

Drying time: when the air temperature is 20°C and the relative air humidity is 65%: ~2-3 days (depending on the applied layer).

Cleaning of tools: the tools must be washed with water immediately after use.

Storage and carriage conditions: In a temperature not lower than +5°C and not higher than +30°C, in a tightly closed container. Protect from direct sunlight and freezingi

Technical data: density (specific weight) – 1,47 kg/l; the solvent – water.

Environmental and work safety: do not pour the filler into drains, water bodies or soil. Use skin and eye protection. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep away from children!