Oil For Wood

Undiluted, double-boiled linseed oil for the care and protection of woodwork indoors and outdoors.

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About product

Area of use: to impregnate and protect wooden products (furniture, finishing elements, doors, as well as floors and stairs) from moisture and dirt.

Features: undiluted, 100% organic product, specific smell, solvent-free, can be tinted, protects, impregnates surfaces from moisture and dirt, highlights wood structure. We warn you that the oil can change the color of the wood!

Surface preparation: the wood must be dry (moisture not higher than 15%) and clean, dirt must be removed mechanically, and microorganisms must be cleaned with special cleaners.

Working conditions: the temperature of the base and the environment during work and drying must not be lower than +5°C, the optimal working conditions are at a temperature of +20°C and 65% relative air humidity.

Usage: Mix the oil well before use. Apply the oil to the wooden surface with a brush, sponge or cloth. After ~1 hour after applying the first layer, remove the unabsorbed oil with a cloth. It is recommended to apply the second layer after 24 hours. After ~1 hour after applying the second layer, also remove the unabsorbed oil with a cloth. In accordance with the sequence of work mentioned above, oil should be applied to the wood in two or more rows until it is no longer absorbed into the surface, and the dried last layer of applied oil can be polished with a cotton cloth. In order to provide maximum protection against moisture, it is recommended to carefully cover the cross sections of wood with at least three layers of oil. Warning, oil can change the color of the wood! When using tinted oil for wood, it is necessary to mix it periodically.

Drying time: at an air temperature of +20°C and a relative air humidity of 65%: 24 - 48 hours.

Costs: planed wood - 8-12 m²/l (applying in 2 layers); raw wood - 5-9 m²/l (applying in 2 layers).

Cleaning tools: wash tools with soap and water after work.

Storage and transport conditions: at a temperature not lower than +5°C and not higher than +30°C in a tightly closed container. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing!

Technical data: volatile organic compounds - 1.1.5e) VOC limit value 130g/l. The maximum amount of VOCs in the ready-to-use product is 129.95g/l.

Environmental and occupational safety: do not pour oil into sewage systems, water bodies and soil. Risk of spontaneous combustion! Textile materials with oil residues and oil dust can spontaneously ignite. These materials should be stored separately soaked in water, dried outdoors or burned immediately before disposal. Use skin and eye protection. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, consult a doctor and show the product label. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show the product label. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!