Water-based oil for maintenance and protection of wooden products indoors and outdoors.

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Area of use: for maintenance and protection of wooden products - furniture, finishing elements, doors, as well as fences, terraces, floors and stairs. Suitable for impregnated, thermally treated, previously oiled and untreated wood. Can be tinted. For interior and exterior work.

Features: Aqueous oil, without solvents, can be tinted, protects, impregnates surfaces from moisture and dirt. For interior and exterior work. Warning, oil can change the color of the wood!

Surface preparation: the wood must be dry (moisture not higher than 15%) and clean, dirt must be removed mechanically, and microorganisms must be cleaned with special cleaners. The use of this oil is not recommended for previously painted, varnished or surfaces that heat up to +60°C.

Working conditions: the temperature of the base and the environment during work and drying must not be lower than +5°C, the optimal working conditions are at a temperature of +20°C and 65% relative air humidity.

Usage: Mix the oil well before use. Apply oil with a brush, sponge or cloth by rubbing the wooden surface well so that excess oil is avoided and the surface is covered with an even thin layer of oil. Remove the excess with a cloth. Applying oil to the wood in 1-2 rows following the sequence of works mentioned above. After drying, the last layer of applied oil can be polished with a cotton cloth. In order to provide maximum protection against moisture, it is recommended to carefully cover the cross sections of wood with at least three layers of oil. Surfaces that are constantly exposed to atmospheric factors are recommended to be re-oiled as needed. Warning, oil can change the color of the wood! When using tinted oil for wood, it is necessary to mix it periodically.

Drying time: at an air temperature of +20°C and a relative air humidity of 65%: 6 - 8 hours.

Consumption: ~10m²/l depending on the type of wood.

Cleaning tools: Wash tools with soap and water immediately after work.

Color: Colorless, brown, dark brown, gray.

Storage and transport conditions: at a temperature not lower than +5°C and not higher than +30°C in a tightly closed container. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing!

Environmental and occupational safety: the oil has a specific smell. Avoid breathing vapor/aerosol. If swallowed, call a poison control and information office or seek medical attention immediately. Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye and face protection. Keep out of reach of children. After finishing work, wash all tools with soap and water. Immerse and store used rags in water in a metal, closed container or burn them immediately after drying outside.