Class 1, increased coverage,
resistant to intensive washing,
completely matte.

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Fields of application: for painting puttied surfaces, plaster, plasterboards, wallpapers, bricks, concrete, various boards and other mineral surfaces in stairwells, hallways, kitchens, offices and other premises.

Properties: contains no solvents, water-diluted paint, mild specific odour, particularly good coverage, forms deep matte film resistant to wet cleaning (1 class) and disinfection.

Surface preparation: surfaces must be clean, firm and dry. Remove all adhesion-reducing materials - oil, grease, dust, adhesives, mortar, old peeling paint, and chalky surface. Cover weak and porous surfaces with PRO primer UNIGRUNT; cover rigid surfaces with PRO primer SKVARBUSIS, SUTVIRTINANTIS. Cover such prepared surfaces with PRO putties for internal use. Prime with PRO primer SKVARBUSIS, SUTVIRTINANTIS between putty layers, if it will be sanded. Before painting, prime the sanded putty’s surface with PRO LATEX-BAZĖ or UNIGRUNT.

Painting conditions: the base and ambient temperature during work and drying must be at least +5°C; optimum conditions are at +20°C and 65% RH. New plaster can be painted no sooner than after 14 days. Avoid direct sunlight and strong draughts.

Painting: it is recommended to use the paint of one batch and pigmentation for the painted area. It will help to avoid various shades. Stir the paint well and dilute with water up to 10%, if necessary. Paint in 2 layers with a brush, roller or sprayer.

Consumption: 6-8 m²/l (painting in 2 layers).

Drying time: at +20°C temperature and 65% relative air humidity the paint is not sticky after 1 hour; paint repeatedly after 5 - 7 hours. The paint film gets its full firmness after at least 24 days.

Cleaning of tools: wash the tools with water immediately after use.

Storage and carriage conditions: at least + 5ºC and not higher than +30°C in a tightly closed container. Protect from direct sunlight and freezing!

Environmental and work safety: do not pour paint into drains, water reservoirs or soil. Avoid breathing vapor/ aerosol. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean running water. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory protective equipment. If swallowed, immediately call a poison control center or doctor. Keep away from children.

The volatile organic compounds: 1.1.1a) the VOC threshold limit – 30g/l. The maximum in ready-to-use product is no more than 29,95g/l.

Duration of validity: 18 months after manufacture date. See package.

In case of any questions, contact the specified phone number.