Particularly resistant to
mechanical effects,
two-component water-based
epoxy paint.

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Purpose: for painting concrete, plaster and other solid mineral surfaces (floors, walls or stairs) in garages, industrial premises, corridors, warehouses, rooms, social purpose premises, shops. For interior work.

Properties: water-soluble, slight specific odour, highly resistant to mechanical factors (wear and friction), solutions (white spirit, oil, petrol, diesel, coolant), intensive washing and the effects of disinfectants.

Surface preparation: after the concrete work the surface can be painted not earlier than in 2 months, and the new plaster - not earlier than in 14 days. The surface to be painted must be dry and firm. Anti-aging paints, adhesion-reducing materials - bulk particles, dust, grease, oil, etc., must be removed. It is recommended to apply 30% water-diluted 2K EPOXID paint to a new, previously unpainted surface in 1 row. After prime coating, it is recommended to paint in 12 - 16 hours. If it will take more than 48 hours after prime coating, then, before painting, sand the primed surface with P220 - P240 abrasive paper and remove the resulting particles.

Conditions for painting: the temperature of the substrate and the ambient temperature during working and drying must be at least + 5°C, the optimum conditions are at + 20°C and 65% relative humidity. The works should not be carried out in direct sunlight, under strong winds.

Painting: Swirl the 2K component into component 1K stir thoroughly for 3-5 minutes with electric slow mixer to a uniform and homogeneous mass. The final shade of paint is obtained by mixing both components. When the ambient temperature is +20°C and the relative humidity of the air is 65%, the mixture must be used within 45 minutes. The time for use is shortened at higher temperatures. Do not dilute paint to the final layer. It is recommended to use one batch and one pigmentation paint on a surface to be painted. This will avoid different colour shades. It is necessary to paint in 2 coats with a brush, roller or sprayer. For the previously unpainted surface, it is recommended to apply the prime coating in 1 row and paint in 2 layers.

Outlay: 0,25 kg / m² (painting in 1 row without diluting with water).

Drying time: at + 20°C and relative humidity